Who we are and what the P2E HUB is
The P2E HUB is an ever-evolving platform that collects Play To Earn games and projects created by our team, which has been active for almost 1.5 years now. But not only that, the P2E HUB is also a big family, made up of thousands of players who over time have given us more and more trust and helped us grow and improve. With this platform we want to create something great, a safe island for everyone, and the commitment, transparency and closeness with our huge community is the most important demonstration of our intentions. The P2E HUB is constantly under development, but with our games and projects we offer concreteness and evidence of what we are accomplishing. Join our social groups and talk directly with our community. There is no better certification in the world than the honest opinion of those who have been following us for a long time...

P2E games
Our platform currently hosts 3 games, but their number is expected to grow over time. Others are in advanced stages of development and will be launched in the coming months. MiningRoom is our largest project, built on the experience accumulated over more than a year, and integrates innovative sustainability mechanics (more information in the whitepaper). MiningRoom is at the center of our HUB, and we are creating an entire ecosystem around it, made up of games and parallel projects, which ensure external funding and sustainability for the project. DotWar offers a lot of fun, is combines a mix of strategy and passive earnings. BoxRush, on the other hand, is pure arcade, where player skill counts.

The HUBT token and the Dapp HUBNODE
The P2E HUB is launching its own token, the HUBT, which will aim to enhance the platform ecosystem while providing an excellent investment opportunity in those who believe in us and the success of our projects. The token will gain increasing utility and integration, within and also outside the HUB. The first major project is the HUBNODE Dapp, through which tokens can be mined and mined through real computing power.

Is an innovative and unique Dapp that can be described as a hybrid miner, with which you will be able to mine the HUBT token through the computing power of a virtual machine hosted on our servers. Therefore, you do not need the computing power of your own devices, and you will not incur energy costs. With HUBNOTE you can buy nodes into which the power of our virtual machine is divided and mine passively, 24 hours a day and in the background. And thanks to the marketplace you can also resell the nodes, which in the meantime can acquire value, following the performance of the token. The HUBNODE Dapp will thus ensure a fair, sustainable and profitable distribution of the HUBT token.